Hey guys! I'm gonna start making shirts and selling them online!
I'd like all of your support just check out this link to the thread:

And for all of you who just wanna take a look at the shirts, here ya go!

I'll be ordering the shirts in about 1 month hopefully :)
at the moment we have 2 people who want them.


Hey guys, just thought I'd start posting again, I've been doing some on and off modding, so here's one of the mods I did, I recomend first having two WORKING Mavericks when doing this mod.

So as it is mine were both broken so I can't test em out too well (one fires the other doesn't), but when doing this mod it does nothing to the internals. so it's safe.
 looks pretty, ay?

On this picture it looks like the gun is insanely uncomfortable, but my hand is like that 
because of holding the camera in the other hand.

When holding the blaster you can actually use the back maverick like a stock, and changing from one to another is insanely fast!

So for all those who want to do this mod, here's how.

  • Get two Mavericks, or I guess two of any blaster almost (I'm gonna do it with some Nitefinders soon)
  • There's a seam on the maverick handle, cut it right about on the purple line
  • Then, either take glue or a soldering iron (soldering works best) and glue the mavericks together by their handles.
  • Now take a saw or knife and cut along the seam to where the gun could still open.
  • And now you're done!
Welp, there you go!

Hope you enjoyed this, and let me know if you does this mod, you can email me at

Plastic Logo

They're here!
These are my logo in a hard plastic copy, all the way from the UK!

All of them!!!!!!!!!!! Greeeeeeed :D                   

Sooooooo Shinyyyy...... and Sharp!
Little white guy :)

 So these are the little "Toys" of my logo!

They're super well made, they're depth is perfect, and they feel really sharp and smooth.

These were all made by BBV, -
Go click the link!

thanks a ton BBV,  and  can't wait to do bussiness in the future!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

So here's the thanksgiving Picture! Hope Ya'll like it!

Happy halloween!

Yeah, so I'm still gonna post the holiday pictures... what'd ya think?
You can use this for your blog, but please give me credit to my site:

Ending the blog

Hey guys! Looks like this is it, I'm done with nerf for now, I'll probably get back into it later, but for now I'm moving on to graphics and game designing, I'll still be on chat now and then, but not quite as much.

I'f anyone would like to make some cash every now and then doing graphic work, I'm hiring people and will give them free training to become as good as me, then you can take it from there!

Now if you'd like to try my game I've been working on, on here, it's still in beta, but I update it about every week. I'm adding new textures and guns and soon multiplayer! It's a paintball game for the cpu, hope it'll work out smooth!
Paintball beta ...
Added: 05 October 2012
By: WingMaster
Thanks for all the help with my moddings/ideas!

Special thanks to: Imodify, T15, Bazookafied, Zero0, Portal, Pause, Numonex, DarthRambo, BBV, Frost,
Roboteer, C_dog, Redhawk, TropicalWxblogger, Slyguy, Plopper, Argoms and bio_duck. sorry if I forgot anyone

Special thanks for graphic help: Jet, ShadowBlaze

keep wingin it!

Imods Dart Swap!

Hey guys!
It's that time again!
Imodify has his dart swap up and running!

Right now he has 4 signed up and 3 maybes.

Support him! It's allot of fun, plus you learn new dart ideas!
Here's his full post on the dart swap

Weather or not you enter the dart swap, be sure to follow his blog, he has tons of cool posts, and he just made his 1st year anniversary!

By the way, I'm extremely sorry for the lack of posts, I've been pretty busy making plans with my business, and haven't had much time to write.

to answer some questions, I haven't stopped modding, but I'm taking a break right now, I'm also making another game. pics will be up soon.

I'm gonna try to make allot more posts, and am really sorry for the blog being dead there for awhile.

Thanks for all the support.